• Hermes Fish smoked Mackerel is really for people who understand fish. As with wine tasters who recognize quality wines, people familiar with smoked mackerel appreciate the flavor and aroma of our smoked mackerel.
    Cold Fish
    We purchase select mackerel caught in the North Sea between Norway and the Faroe Islands north-east of Scotland. In order to ensure the quality of our fish, we are meticulous about buying them during the fishing season and importing them into Israel at an optimal size of 600 gr. per fish. This ensures that the fish has a high percentage of fat and that once smoked is especially juicy and tasty.
    Processing Mackerel
    Hermes Fish Ltd. sells two types of smoked mackerel:
    • Mackerel that has been cold smoked at up to 40°C for 8 hours
    • Mackerel that has been hot smoked at up to 80°C for 4 hours
    Hot-smoked mackerel is less salty.
    Plenty of Fish in the Sea
    Mackerel are appreciated more in Europe than in Israel. Over the past few years, the fishing quota has been significantly reduced, due to ecological changes and massive fishing. Therefore, the price of mackerel has gone up and is now considered a relatively expensive fish. In Norway, mackerel is the preferred fish for preparing Sashimi.
    We sell smoked mackerel in a variety of weights and packages.
    Nutritional Value
    Mackerel is both delicious and healthy, providing protein, Vitamin D, selenium, and Vitamins B12, B6, B2, and B1. Mackerel even contains almost twice as much Omega 3 as salmon.
    Would you like to purchase smoked mackerel? 
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