• Salmon is known as the king of fish, weighing up to 35 kgs. and measuring up to 1.5 meters. Salmon leave their natural habitat in fresh water rivers and streams and swim into the open ocean. When they mature, they return to where they were born so that their offspring can develop in their natural habitat. Today, wild salmon in Norway are protected by strict fishing laws, with only amateur – not commercial – fishing being permitted. Norway has pioneered a salmon species that raised on a fish farm in the sea, allowing us to have salmon all year round.
    Pisces the Fish
    Salmon is a Norwegian trademark, making up half of Norway's export of fish. Salmon is one of the most preferred fish for quality smoking, its arrival direct from the clean-water fjords of Norway ensuring its status as a delicacy.
    In the Pink
    Raw salmon ranges in color from white to fiery red. With a gradation of color, there are 21 shades to choose from.
    Hermes Fish Salmon
    The salmon we import grows in the cleanest fiords in the world. Living in especially cold water encourages the fish to eat and wrap their bodies in a layer of fat, making them especially juicy and suitable for smoking. We smoke the salmon at a low temperature of up to 28°C for 40-60 minutes. The Hermes Fish cold smoked salmon is sold in 100 or 200 gram packages, or by weight.
    Cold and Healthy
    Due to the cold water in the salmon fish-raising farms in the North Sea, these fish rarely develop bacteria or germs. Even after fishing, the frozen fish are immediately placed in freezers – to keep them from developing germs and bacteria.
    Eating salmon is very healthy, as it contains Omega 3, Vitamin A and Vitamin D.
    Meaty and tender smoked salmon can be used in sandwiches, cold salads and pasta, adding taste and aroma. Rest assured – every calorie is worth it!
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