Company Profile
  • Hermes Fish Company has produced smoked and salted fish in Israel for over 20 years, during which have established its reputation as a credible, professional "ready to eat" fish products producer for the Israeli food market. At Hermes Fish, you’ll find a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how delivering highest quality fish products including:
    • Smoked Salmon
    • Smoked Mackerel
    • Salted, Smoked or Pickled Herring
    • Sprats
    • Smoked Trout
    • Smoked Halibut
    • Salmon, tuna and mackerel spreads
    • Sushi
    and so on...

    We are proud of our highly efficient production, packaging, distribution and logistics departments, as well as large production facilities with over 1800 m2 area fully equipped with advanced production and packaging equipment.

    The overall human resource of our company is more than 80 experienced professionals distributed across all our departments aimed to deliver the best quality, service and, of course, great taste of the final product. 

    During our presence on the food market for over 20 years we have established good working relationships with more than 1600 customers of various sizes, from small boutique restaurants to huge companies like Lufthansa Airlines, ISS Inflight Catering Services, El Al Business Class and about 200 Hotels across the country.

    Our standard for raw material is very high, hence we are proud working with a world leading raw fish suppliers like – Marine Harvest (Norway), Royal Salmon (Norway), Sekkingstad (Norway) and Pelagia (Norway, worldwide).
    For more information or to order Hermes Fish products, please contact us on: +972-8-6444564  or by email: [email protected]