• Not all sardines in the North Sea are the same. Sprats live in the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean, by the fjords of Norway. As with other animals which have adapted to life in freezing cold conditions, sprats have also grown a layer of fat which insulates their bodies from the cold – which is precisely what makes them excellent fish for smoking.
    A Sea of Omega 3
    The North Sea is abundant with Omega 3 – a fatty acid full of nutritional value, which comes mainly from sea fish. Sprats are sardines full of Omega 3, and when smoked they possess a strong, distinct taste. They can be used in their natural form or in a variety of recipes.
    Smoking is Finally Allowed
    We import our sprats at the height of the fishing season and/or purchase them from the leading freezing factories throughout Europe.
    Sprats undergo hot smoking at up to 60°C for about 4 hours. Being small, they are smoked whole.
    A School of Fish
    The principle consumers of sprats in Israel are Russian immigrants, who eat Sprats as hors d'oeuvre with almost every meal. Their diminutive size also means that they are frequently used to decorate fish platters, downed with a glass of quality vodka.
    Sold by Weight
    Sold in 2 kg. packages   

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