Herring is at its best when the percentage of fat reaches 14-15%. Hermes Fish Ltd. purchases herring at the height of the fishing season, when the water in the North Sea is extremely cold and the level of fat is optimal. Thin fish dry up during the smoking process, while fat fish crumble. That is why the fish has to be just right.
    Salted Herring – A Different Kettle of Fish
    Salted fish is usually sold as soused herring (Maatjes in Dutch) – a young herring dyed with food dye. Quality smoked and salted herring, however, is a different kettle of fish – older herring, caught at exactly the right time – having a much more subtle taste.
    Herring Products
    We offer three varieties of herring:
    • Whole salted herring – sold by weight (in buckets of 5-10 kgs.)
    • Herring fillets smoked in up to 40°C for about 4.5 hours – sold by weight (3 kgs. Cartons of fillets) or in a 3 kg. sealed package.
    • Herring pickled in vinegar – sold by weight (delivered in 3 kg. plastic boxes), or 400 gr. boxes sold as ready-packed goods.
    Ashkenazi Hors D’oeuvres
    Salted fish as an hors d'oeuvre has become very popular in Israel thanks to the traditional custom of the Ashkenazi Jew community. Platters of salted fish pieces on toothpicks, served with cucumber and tomato slices, onions and black olives, grace synagogues, Bar Mitzva meals, and all sorts of celebrations.
    A Big, Fat Fish
    In English, the phrase "a big fish" is used of a person of importance and influence, while in Hebrew "a fat fish" signifies wealth – and rightly so. Relatively small herrings (of the sardine family) have to be large enough to be filleted and smoked. We at Hermes Fish Ltd. import into Israel the best fish from around the world, transported in deep freezers so that we can prepare smoked fish all year round.
    Herring is an excellent source of protein, Vitamins B12, D and A, and Omega 3.
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