Company Profile
  • Hermes Fish Ltd. markets the  smoked fish brand throughout Israel, to delicatessens and event venues. The company was established in 1999 by two young entrepreneurs - Evgeny Kolman and Maxim Reider. Initially, the company only imported already smoked fish products, but over the years they traveled the world to find out where the best quality fish is fished, as well as to visit factories of smoked fish production with state-of-the-art technologies.
    Learning to Smoke Fish
    These business trips led to business ties with the leading fishing companies in Norway, Scotland and England. Hermes Fish Company began importing fish as a raw material for the local smoking and processing in Israel.
    An additional trip to smoking factories in St. Petersburg, Russia and other places across Europe – especially Scandinavia – prompted the decision to begin selling gourmet salted, pickled and smoked fish. That is how the company began marketing the Hermes Fish brand, which offers smoked, salted and pickled fish from the finest fishing areas in the world – imported by Hermes Fish.
    Hermes Fish Multiplied by Eight Hundred
    The Hermes Fish series is mainly sold to delicatessens and event venues, being intended for people who appreciate quality fish products. Our products are made only from the best raw materials and reflect our vast knowledge and understanding of the commercial fishing world and its leading companies.
    Hermes Fish offers prompt and reliable delivery throughout Israel using refrigerated trucks. Already sold to about 800 delicatessens, reception halls, ceremony venues and event gardens, the series has become hugely successful, earning the loyalty and appreciation of anyone who tastes it.
    For more information or to order Hermes Fish products, please contact us on: +972-8-6444564  or by email: