The Smoking Process

  • Isra-Gal smoked fish – sold in Israel by Hermes Fish Ltd., experts in importing fish for smoking – is renowned for its high quality, gourmet fish products.
    Hermes Fish Ltd. imports the fish into Israel, according to the appropriate fishing seasons. The company is highly familiar with the finest fishing companies in Norway, Scotland and England.
    The fish make their way to Israel inside state-of-the-art refrigerated containers, which protect the fish from germs and bacteria. Immediately following the smoking process, they are delivered fresh to their destinations across Israel.
    The Smoking Process
    The smoking process is carried out at the leading smoking factory in Israel. Each type of fish undergoes its own unique smoking process. Most fish are salted and hot or cold smoked.
    The time and temperature are determined by the size and weight of the fish. Fatter fish are smoked at higher temperatures and for longer periods of time, lighter fish requiring lower temperatures and less time.
    Hot or Cold
    After being imported by Hermes Fish Ltd., the fish are smoked with hot or cold smoke according to the type of fish and its weight. In cold smoking, the fish are salted and smoked in an oven no hotter than 40°C.
    With hot smoking, the fish are lightly salted and can then be smoked in an oven up to 100°C. By insisting on the optimal size, however, we can hot-smoke them at a maximum heat of 80°C, giving a more delicate taste.
    The Base
    We perform natural smoking on pure beech sawdust, with no added herbs or other types of sawdust, in order to give the fish a distinctive taste and aroma.
    Fast Delivery
    Immediately after the fish is smoked and packaged, we deliver it in refrigerated trucks, to ensure that its quality is preserved and no opportunity can arise for germs and bacteria to develop.