• Hermes Fish Company is one of the leading brands of smoked and salted fish in Israel, specializing in importing and marketing salted, smoked and pickled quality fish products.

      Salted, smoked and pickled fish are considered a delicacy, especially when professionally prepared. Tasty and good-quality treated fish begins with good-quality raw materials, in this case - the fish itself. 

      Why are Fishermen Hooked on Smoked Fish?
      Fishermen who enjoy eating smoked or salted fish know when and where to fish. Although we are not fishermen ourselves, we are highly familiar with the best fishing seasons, and are connected with the leading fishing companies worldwide whose fish are intended for salting, smoking and pickling.
      Our Products
      We market the Hermes Fish brand to delicatessens, event halls and garden venues across Israel – from the North of Israel to Eilat.  
      "Cold Fish" – The Basis for Quality Smoked, Salted and Pickled Fish
      "A cold fish" is an idiom for a person who is cold blooded and not very friendly. Fish do indeed have cold blood – their body temperature changing in accordance with the temperature outside their body. That is why we purchase our fish in season – when the water is at its coldest – in order to ensure that our products are of the best quality, taste and texture.

      Kosher Supervision
      All our fish products are Kosher LeMehadrin, Chug Chatam Sofer
      Why not try our fish at your delicatessen, reception hall or ceremony venue?
      For more information, please contact us on T: +972-8-6444564  F: +972-8-6444546 
      email: sales@hermesfish.co.il